teaching testimonials

      “Kyra is one of the most exciting, positive, and fun teachers I have ever had. No day with her feels like a chore as she always brings a spirited attitude and a big heart to the table.  More importantly, she knows her stuff and better yet, how to explain it. As far as I can tell she is capable of anything at any time, a true joy of a teacher.” — Dave Davis, “American Horror House,” “Memphis Beat”

      “…I not only enjoyed Kyra’s scene study class very much, but my work in that class literally paid off in a matter of weeks as I was cast in a film right after school ended for the summer. Kyra’s commitment to her students is incredible and unlike that of any other acting professor I have had during my university career.”   — Jennie Kamin, “Roswell FM”

       “As our movement teacher, Kyra helped us to explore and discover new creative methods, while she ensured we did not lose sight of the practical applications of our work for performance. She has the wonderful ability to pass her knowledge on to her students.”   — Max Jay-Dixon, Tulane ’11, “Twelfth Night,” Tulane Shakespeare Festival

       “Kyra brought me to a new emotional depth in my acting.”  — Rebecca Howsam, Tulane ’13