(preview for CHOSEN, upcoming 1/21/14 at Joe’s Pub): “What’s a smart Jewish girl with a fabulous voice to do when casting agents only want Kelli O’Hara? The Russian estheticians of New York know. Part cabaret act, part ethno-autobiography, Kyra Miller’s Chosen is a Philip Roth short story come to life (if Philip Roth were a stunning woman).” — New York Magazine, Jesse Green, 1/13/14

“…So, without further ado, here are our performers of the year…Kyra Miller as Dulcinea in The Man of La Mancha. She stole the show. During the performance I saw, a patron leaned over to her companion and asked, “Why is she so good?” It took everything in my power not to poke my head in between them and tell them she was acting in the moment while singing. You would be amazed how rare that is…” — NOLA Defender, “The Trip to Bountiful: The Top 12 New Orleans Theatre Performances of 2011”

(for “Syncopation,” Portland Stage Company): “I liked both actors…he’s matched perfectly by Kyra Miller as an emotionally vulnerable young woman who scarcely dares to hope…I found this play and its two characters totally engrossing.” — The Forecaster, Portland ME, “Theater” by Scott Andrews

(for “The Immigrant” Westport Country Playhouse):  “The cast did a fine job, with Kyra Miller as the standout for her portrayal of Leah…Miller is not afraid to bring out the flaws in her character, making her believable and real.” — The Stamford Advocate, Westport, CT, “‘The Immigrant’ is a Strong Opener for Playhouse” by Ellen Wilder

“The talent on the Westport stage is phenomenal. Kyra Miller and Tally Sessions are both gifts from the voice gods.”— Hamden Journal, “A Challenging Opening Night for “The Immigrant’ in Westport” by Joanna Greco Rochman